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Saturday, May 22, 2010

You Can Definitely Wear this Again!

How many times are you a bridesmaid and you hear “you can use it again after the wedding”. It’s always said, but rarely is that really the case.

If you are really concerned with your bridesmaids being able to reuse their bridesmaid dress for another event, then my suggestion is to skip the traditional Bridesmaid Designers – regardless of how they sell it to you, it always looks like it’s meant for a wedding, and will NEVER be used again.

My suggestion, head to the labels Bridal Babes! So many desingers have great dresses for your girls, and these days, the dresses don’t all have to be the same color or style. Here are few great bridesmaids dressed from some great labels, my only caveat, if you have bridesmaids on the larger size, these designers may not carry their size, so do you research first as to not upset any of your bridesmaids:


Whimsical and youthful, mostly best suited for a casual spring or summer wedding, but there are some definite great finds for an upscale event.

Definitely more on the high fashion, thinner build. You may be having your bridesmaids doing sit-ups and lounges the day of the wedding.

The buzz has caught on. JCrew does actually have a wedding line. Classic and Timeless Dresses.

Brides, JCrew did not forget you. Victoria, this is for you:

Always a great find for high end and fabulous! Don’t be afraid to put your girls in some fabulous prints.

Aidan Mattox
Just recently came across this designer and I’m obsessed. You can find his label at Nordstrom. Your girls will be paying top dollar, but this is definit
ely a dress that will get its money’s worth.

Have fun shopping Babes!

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