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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Favor-ites!

A wedding favor should be beautifully packaged and useful for the wedding guests. I love Beau Coup! They have the best choices in wedding favors.

When choosing your wedding favor, don’t go for something your guests are going to leave behind because they “forgot” or dumped it in the trash on the way out. Useless trinkets are a waste of money, I’d rather you make a donation in my name to a charity.

Wine stoppers and coasters are still a great favor. I can’t tell you how I still use mine and remember who’s wedding that came from.

My girlfriend did a destination wedding and gave out luggage tags. Loved it! It perfectly tied into her theme and is a useful favor.

One of my favorite favors was more geared towards the girls (sorry guys, like you really care all that much anyway), it was a diamond paperweight.

You can never go wrong with Edible Favors, especially when you pick something local or sentimental to you and your fiancĂ©. Here is a list of fun edible favors I’ve seen brides and grooms do:

Mini “
White House” Subs and Chips in a Chinese take out container given to the guests on the way out. For those of you not from Atlantic City, White House Subs are local favorite.

Dunkin Donuts in a custom bag with the couple’s story of how they met – and guess what they met at Dunkin Donuts.

Custom wrapped
Tasty Kakes (A Philly Favorite) – This was cool, they had all different types piled on a table and on the front of each package had a custom label made.

For a Fall wedding, one couple did Gertrude and Hawk chocolate covered apples – This was a hug hit! The only thing that was left behind was the empty wrapper and sticks.

Custom Cookies in the theme of your wedding are also fun, especially because you can get them in all different shapes and colors, but make sure you get them from a great bakery and that their freshly made, I recommend The Flour Pot. They also started a cookie favor table.

And of course, The Candy Bar! Have fun with this, the candy can be prepackaged, youthful, or gourmet. You just want the table to be a fabulous presentation. Be creative with candy color and containers, add floral centerpieces, just make sure the candy is easily accessible. We don’t want any intoxicated guests tipping over a large vase of gourmet chocolates and getting broken glass everywhere. Label your candy, some guests have allergies and will know by your label what they need to stay away from.

Finally the takeaway; Custom Baggies, Chinese take out containers, and custom boxes are all great options, just
make sure they hold a lot! It’s nice to have some boxes already filled for those guests who are too shy fill their own up. Custom labels are also great to easily seal the containers and add a bit more personalization.


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  1. Very nice creative ideas - love the candy centerpiece!


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