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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Perfect Wedding Flower

There is something so absolutely perfect about Peonies for any style wedding. There are over 30 species of peonies and over 600 varieties, ranging in vibrant colors such as magenta and royal purple, to softer shades of pinks and creams. They carry a fragrance that is like a subtle perfume, very soft and slightly sweet, I could smell them all day. Their large size adds drama and grandeur to any arrangement or bouquet; they are about the size of a large grapefruit. Their petals are my favorite, now each variety is slightly different in the amount of fullness you’ll get, but the petals are thin ruffled. Very girlie.

A peony can be matched to any wedding style. If you are looking for traditional, you’ll probably want a fuller, pillow like peony, usually in softer shades of cream, pink or yellow. If you are looking for a modern, edgy look, then the bolder color and shapes may suit you better

Peonies are also very complimentary to many other flowers very well. So whether your favorite flower is an orchid, calla lily, rose, or daisies, try pairing them with a peony, you’ll be surprised how well it accents and brings out the beauty in other flowers as well without taking the spotlight.

If you are gardener like me, than you must add peonies to your garden. They are very easy plats to maintain and very satisfying in their bounty. I always look forward to seeing my peony sprout and watching it grow and blossom beautiful flowers. But beware, the squirrels love also love peonies, so I add a little of my Latina flavor to my peonies to keep the squirrels away, Cayenne Pepper. Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper right when your peonies begin to grow full buds, this will help keep those squirrels from sabotaging your beautiful plant.

I found a great farm in Minnesota that carries over 600 varieties of Peony:
Hidden Springs Flower Farm, check out their website to see the different varieties and pick out your favorite.

No I don’t normally recommend this, and I always recommend hiring a professional for one of the most important days of your life, but for those who want champagne on a beer budget, you have to go to extraordinary measures to get it. If you are going to take on the grueling and stressful task of doing your own wedding flowers, then try this website:
Fifty Flowers. You’ll save money and have a large inventory to choose from.


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