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Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to The Bridal Babe

To all me dear friends and family, that say I should start a business and do something for myself, this is my first step. I'm Bridal Blogging!

To those who don't know me, let me tell you a bit about me. I started out with a crash course to weddings. I started doing weddings at the Seaview Marriott (now a Dolce) in my hometown of Galloway, New Jersey, just outside Atlantic City back in 2003. With over 70 weddings done in my first year as a Banquet Manager, and working under a Seaview Legend, John Vanaman (who's experience dates back in decades), and getting married that summer, I would say that I was catapulted into the wedding world. I was promoted in 2005 to wedding coordinator and did two wonderful years helping brides plan their dream weddings, some with ginormous budgets and other with a modest budgets, but all gave me wonderful stories and added to my wealth of knowledge. They gave me the drive to want to start something of my own.

So I left Seaview in 2008 to join a private event planner in the area (I won't say the name because it wasn't a good work experience at all, but was great life experience -in dealing with the crazies of the wedding world). Which in my blog I will help all of you brides to be stay far from these types of vendors. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ditch the dope and work for Borgata Hotel and Casino and The Water Club (Borgata's signature hotel).

It was my first time in the casino industry and I absolutely loved the product. What an incredible place! Everything they produce there is top notch. The talent that they have working in that place is worth every penny you pay, but in 2009 the economy was not looking so good, so it was very hard to sell such a fabulous product against tightly clenched wallets. I was a Catering Manager and I learned quickly how, but it wasn't with a lot of push from all angles. I absolutely loved the what I sold there and I recommend it to everyone. However, I unfortunately felt very overworked, quickly, and felt that I kept having to fight for small gestures because I was up against big time gamblers who, in the casino industry, are everything.

Towards the end of 2009, and while I was still at the Big B, I got an opportunity to go back to Marriott, in Philadelphia. I was not sure if I could leave the shore, because my whole life was there, but Philadelphia presented a great opportunity to grow in my career, one I felt the Big B lacked. So, with a heavy heart I left Borgata and joined the Marriott team in Philly selling two properties. To all my weddings that I left at the Borgata, I am so sorry, you have no idea how tough it was to leave all of you, I really wanted to see your dream days come true! You are all wonderful people and I have kept an eye on you from afar.

Was it a good move? I still don't know. Do I miss the shore and the Borgata/Water Club - absolutely, everyday. Is my quality of life and work better where I am, absolutely. So now, this is where I am. Blogging. Why? Because I miss planning and I miss helping brides make the right choices and knowing that I was part of your families and friends for brief, important moment in your lives.

I want to continue to help you make the right choices, so please, come back and check out my blog. I'm going to share with you Best Buys, the right Vendors to choose, top choices, funny stories, new trends, fabulous tips and more. Ask questions, post comments on your favorite wedding planning moments,or post your wedding experiences for other brides to be.

Congratulations to all my Brides to be and I'm looking forward to helping you all make the best choices for a personal and wonderful wedding day.


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