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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Non-Wedding Dresses

For many of you Bridal Babes, one of the biggest focal points of your wedding, is your wedding dress. Many of us are so wrapped into the perfect dress that we forget to add a little fun and flirtyness to our wedding by considering our wardrobe pre and post wedding. Don’t forget, the Wedding is an entire weekend and you and your groom are in the spotlight for more than a day. So once you’ve landed the perfect wedding dress and figured out your wedding style, start shopping for a rehearsal dinner dress and an after the wedding party dress.

These two dresses should be comfortable and suiting to your personality. My suggestion for rehearsal is to incorporate your bridesmaid dress color or style into that dress. Cohesion may only be noticed by the bridal party and mothers, but you will love the feeling of dropping “hints” prior to the wedding. You may even see a light bulb go off on a few people the day of the wedding when they realize a day late the hints you dropped.

For after the wedding, you may be meeting at a local favorite pub, bar or nightclub – DO NOT WEAR YOUR WEDDING DRESS TO THESE PLACES. I don’t care how much you love your dress, these are not places to show up in your wedding dress. Instead find a cute white alternate that is appropriate for where you’re heading after, trust me you will still feel like a bride, be more comfortable and avoid strange looks.

So what about the groom? There’s not much to do attire wise with him, but possible use his tie at the rehearsal dinner to drop a hint. Don’t make him feel obligated to wear anything. You want him to feel comfortable too. If he is willing, then go with it. For after the wedding, he definitely needs to change out of his tux and into something more appropriate for wherever you decide to head after. Leave this up to him, again, unless he’s into it, don’t force him to wear anything he doesn’t want to, it’s his day too and you both want to feel comfortable and happy.


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