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Friday, May 21, 2010


Watch out Brideszilla’s, a new beast is immersing. I have recently seen a big influx of grooms dominating the wedding planning process. I think it’s absolutely adorable when a groom is involved in the wedding day and wants some of his personality included in the wedding. I love weddings that you can see a little of both the bride and groom in the wedding. But be wary of the groom that take’s over. Here are three types to watch for:
He’s a Mama’s Boy: Watch out for this one. They’re not his ideas, they’re his mama’s, and his mama is in his ear giving her very opinionated ideas and shooting down the soon to be daughter in laws ideas. This is dangerous! Warning to my Bridal Babes: Stop this now! This type of mother-in-law is showing her feathers and has always been the matriarch of the family and you are a threat to her. Her son, that once was her precious little boy that always did what mommy said, now has another woman to listen to and confide in. Many times, these mothers don’t even realize what they are doing, so you need to stand your ground now, or you’re in for long life of being pushed aside for mama. A word of caution, do not be rude to the mama, just stand your ground politely and if you need to bring out the big guns, then unleash, da, da, da….Your Mother!!!!!
The second type of groomzilla is: The Man’s Man – this type doesn’t want it to seem as if its whatever the bride says because he’s afraid of his guy friends teasing him that his is already whipped. How do you handle the man’s man? Give him ammunition to fight back his rather “jealous” friends. Now we’ve all heard the “I am comfortable in my manhood, blah, blah, blah. That’s done with. What you need to be telling him, is that if he does this for you, you’ll do something fo him in return, and the rest is up to you. Now Hold on! I know what you’re thinking and maybe that’s the route to go, but, there are other things to offer up, like a weekend getaway with the guys, a day off without chores, a get out of jail free card, etc. If his friends have anything to say, he can offer up that you are such an awesome girl that you have to offer up stuff to get what you want, plus it will make him feel like he’s in the drivers’ seat. When we all really know that we would have done that stuff anyway, so we’ve lost nothing.
Finally, it’s the “it’s my wedding too and I want it to be Awesome!” Groom. This is usually the super creative, trendy guy. He usually seen wearing fedora’s, corduroy, or sporting a 3 o’clock shadow (yes not a 5 but a scruffier version of one). He has to have everything that is out of the box and wants to do everything differently. His favorite saying is “Why Not?” His wedding attire will consist of Van’s, Seersuckers, and an Ascot. He’s a wild beast that’s hard to tame because his mind is usually running all over the place. The only suggestion I have is to whip out the waterworks. This guy is also very sentimental and tears will bring him back to earth. Of course, some of his ideas are probably incredible, and I’ll probably write about them, but don’t let him get out of control. Use your tears and keep your wedding classy.

Cheers and good luck taming the wild beast!

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