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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The B Word


I can’t stress enough how important setting a budget for your wedding is. It saves you so much time and anxiety.

To start, ask your family members what their contributions will be to the wedding. This may feel a bit awkward to you, but it is a needed question to ask. Many brides and grooms are picking up a majority of their wedding costs, so finding out if any family members want to contribute is important..

Once you have your budget figured out, then you can start prioritizing. You’ll find many websites that offer great guides to what percentages to allocate to each vendor. They are a great start, but if you must have only the finest food and beverage, or the best photographer, then you may need to shift funds from another source.

Once you have your magic numbers then you can make your appointments. In your initial phone call, don’t be afraid to mention the number you allocated to that particular vendor, I would even go in a couple percentages less to give you bargaining power. Try to get a lot of your important questions done over the phone. Save yourself much needed time. Then if you feel comfortable set the appointment to meet in person. The rest is up to you.

When it comes to a budget, you don’t have to stick to each number allocated, of course you can adjust, but setting a budget helps you to keep things in line and will make you feel more comfortable in your choices and cause you much less stress.

Good Luck!

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