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Friday, June 25, 2010

Light On!

I can’t stress enough how important lighting is to any event - especially a wedding.

You can spend countless dollars minor details like disposable cameras, bathrooms baskets, ice carvings, etc… but nothing will ever compare to what lighting can do for an event. Lighting can transform a dull, bland room into a warm, inviting and exciting space. It has a big impact your guest’s mood. Have you ever gone into a ceremony space that was dimly lit, with candles everywhere and soft amber lighting surrounding the space. How do you think that makes you feel? Did you feel the romance? Lighting brings feelings to life.

I once did a ceremony room for a winter wonderland and used shades of blue to give you that winter sky effect. Without the blue lighting, it would have been a white snowy room, the blue gave the room just a touch of texture.

Lighting can also be a reflection of your personality. I once had a bride that was bigger than life. She was bubbly and loved pink. When you stepped into her wedding room, you knew right away who’s wedding it was and the feeling from the guest the entire night was that of the brides personality.

When planning your wedding, lighting should be something you include in your budget from the beginning. Set aside a minimum $500 and go from there. If budget is tight, sacrifice some of those minor details that no one will remember, you will be surprised at how easily those minor details quickly add up.

If your venue does not offer lighting, you can find local vendors that specialize in all things bright and beautiful: I recommend Synergetic Lighting and Sounds.


  1. Hi, I am a photographer and new visitor to your site. I picked up one of your cards at Wedding Belles grand opening.
    Your blog is very interesting and has many good ideas. Your lighting ideas are terrific however I would caution against non-professional lighting. I have shot weddings at very high end venues that had what looked at first like very interesting and colorful lighting but improper lighting especially on the bride and groom (example; one side of their faces red and the other side yellow)at the ceremony (that doesn't allow flash) creates a nightmare for producing good photos...and yes, much of this can be corrected in Photoshop afterwards, but at an additional cost that probably is as much or more than what they saved by not using a pro.
    Keep up the good work...I will revisit and look for somemore good ideas.
    Paul Dempsey

  2. Great suggestion Paul.. thanks for the professional tip!

  3. What a great post.
    I loved the photo of the Wonderland Wedding!

  4. The Wonderland Wedding was Amazing. She was the sister to a famous race car driver. Such a great couple to work with.


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