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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lights, Camera Action!

I love a great wedding video and if you are going to invest in one, then do it right. Cinema Cake offers Hollywood Feature Film style editing. I first came across this company at an industry event in Philadelphia and I have to tell you they have not let me down. I love the cinematography. They offer same day edits which can be viewed during the wedding reception – a great idea to entertain those who won’t dance or drink.

Take notice of the Ceremony and interview voice overs that they use during their B-Roll (for those of you not in the industry - B-Roll is the extra shots of the city, venue, decor, etc..)

When choosing your video production team, ask for at least three different weddings videos to view. This will give you a great gauge of their work. Also, think about your favorite movies and what you like best about them, then talk to your video team and ask if they can do the filming and editing in a similar style (within reason - I'm sure you don't have a Hollywood budget)

Good luck!

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