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Monday, July 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are.

Shop Wild Things is an amazing website that has incredible event décor. Many of their products are used on TV and high end Celebrity events. I don’t know where they find their products, but they have a great eye for the fabulous.

Their String curtains are amazing; you can use them to separate a section of the ballroom for lounge seating. Your guests can feel as if their in a chic lounge, but still be able to see the action.

The butterfly garland would look gorgeous draped around a floral centerpiece or hanging from your bridal bouquet.

Hang the beaded chandeliers outside along your ceremony path or a few from a large tree that may be used as a seating area.

You must check out their 4 foot bendable trees. These make for glamorous table centerpieces, especially in the winter when all that sparkles is popular.

The beaded curtains have many uses. They be cut and used to accent your centerpieces, similar to the gold tree image above or around floral centerpieces. They can be used to accent your alter or aisle (draping them as you would chiffon). Or as a backdrop for a photobooth.

Many of their products can also be used for home décor, they have these beautiful butterfly chandeliers that would be perfect in a little baby girls nursery.

Look around this wonderful site and get inspired, be creative and have fun.

I am always looking for great websites for wedding and event decor. Please feel free to send me your favorite websites.

Happy Shopping!

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