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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Bling" in the New Year

Are you a New Years Eve Wedding?

Many brides get caught up in the champagne and confetti for their New Years Eve weddings. Why not try something different with a little play on words.

"Bling" in the New Year makes for a great little saying and theme to use for your NYE Wedding. It's a great phrase to put on customize napkins, coasters or save the dates.

Of Course, when I think Bling,I think Diamonds and Swarovski Crystal and lots of them. You can get a Diamond Ice Carving or better yet, a luge (a luge is an Ice Carving that has a hole drilled thru it to pour a mixed drinks or alcohol - it's supposed to chill it on it's way down, mostly it's for show and fun). Who wouldn't want to drink of out a huge Diamond!

You can also incorporate the theme with your favors. Some suggestions: Key Rings, Ring Cork topper or Ring Paper weights.. All can be found on Beau Coup

Finally, you can add diamond glitter around the base of your centerpieces or in the vases themselves. Use Swarovski everywhere, Cake Jewelry, Hanging off your centerpieces, Toasting Glasses, on the Bride, etc.

I'm not one to have too much theme in a wedding, however, when it comes to New Years Eve,Diamonds and Swarovski, I say Bling It On!


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